Why “Warm Bodies” Looks Brilliant

The film “Warm Bodies” looks brilliant for many reasons. In this article, I will outline a few key reasons in numbered format.

1. Nicholas Hoult.
The director and whoever cast this film must have been thanking the good heavens when Nicholas Hoult walked through the door. I truly believe this actor could have retired from his acting career at age 12, having completed his role as Marcus Brewer in About a Boy with Hugh Grant. What is ridiculous about this statement is that I have only seen a tiny clip of this film from a Nicholas Hoult 2008 interview with famous English media personality Jonathan Ross. In this clip, what Marcus (Hoult) conveys to Will Freeman, Hugh Grant’s character, through his completely natural and surprisingly wise perspective, could very well be the type of perspective every young and old person should hope to achieve. Nicholas Hoult, yes, very lucky to have been able to speak those amazing words, but it takes an equally amazing actor to completely feel the essence of those words and convey it the way Marcus Brewer should or would have.

Thankfully I am not Nicholas Hoult’s adviser, and he did not retire. Instead, he has continued to achieve success and effortless authenticity as Tony Stonem in the hit U.K. television series Skins and as Hank McCoy–a.k.a. Beast–in recent film X-Men: First Class. He decisively involves himself in intelligent and fascinating projects, and it is extremely entertaining to watch. Oh… and he’s gorgeous.

2. Teresa Palmer.
Two qualified leads. Teresa Palmer, who some say is the blonde Kristen Stewart, is a far different actress from Kristen Stewart. They are simply two different women who bring completely different energies and personalities to their roles. Take Me Home Tonight (I LOVE this movie! It was so charming that it has officially made it into my top 10 for what I think are quality reasons–even though critics were not as kind.) was the first time I was introduced to Teresa Palmer. Since then, I went on to watch every movie she’s ever been in. Yes, that good. There is something about her that is far more interesting than just any beautiful actress. And that something radiates intelligence, humor, and sharp understanding. She is willing to look ridiculous, act ridiculous, go anywhere and everywhere, and show all sides of human. Sometimes my favorite moments of hers are when she gets frustrated because it does not look typically “pretty girl”-frustrated, but rather very relatable-frustrated. She has incredible insight as to how she should react in each situation and what would be an appropriate, natural, real response. Oh… and she’s gorgeous.

3. Awkward Zombies.
These zombies are so cute! So funny. Nicholas Hoult talking zombie-talk with his zombie friend?? That is hilarious and amazing. I love that even zombies are underdogs in the way we are all underdogs (and, perhaps, a little zombie as well). These zombies are awkward too! And crave social interaction and belonging and love. And I want to give it to them.

I am over the moon with this trailer and my expectations have never been higher. So basically I have set myself up for a terribly disappointing movie. Sweet. Good thing I have my orange juice.


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