Taylor Swift never disappoints. This does not necessarily mean she does not make mistakes; nor does it mean she meets all of our expectations. In the eyes of billions of fans like myself, Taylor Swift does not disappoint, whether it comes to her music or career choices or personal behavior, because her fans have fallen […]

The film “Warm Bodies” looks brilliant for many reasons. In this article, I will outline a few key reasons in numbered format. 1. Nicholas Hoult. The director and whoever cast this film must have been thanking the good heavens when Nicholas Hoult walked through the door. I truly believe this actor could have retired from […]

One Direction

Being in my mid-20s, I was almost positive it could not happen again. I had taken precautionary measures to make sure it would not happen again. I had already gone through a grueling relationship with the Backstreet Boys, who consoled me during the tough transition between schools from 2nd to 3rd grade as they courageously […]